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 Project: Eternium Dungeon

 Progression - End Boss


   The Eternium Mines in the region are a moderate combat dungeon geared toward progressing the storyline of Eternium and logging the backstory.

 The Quest Giver for this Dungeon is _______________  ________________ and is located near the landing point for the region. If recipient does not have a Myriad HUD, one will be provided by the Quest Giver.

 Progress on this build is as follows:

 Chambers & Tunnels  100%  OA  March 2021  Structure
 Decorations    60%  OA  March 2021  Ambiance
 Script Doors & Levers   -- to do  Crypts  April 2021  Mechanics
 NPC Boss   -- to do  Final Chamber  April 2021  Gameplay - Combat
 NPC Trash Mobs   -- to do   OA  April 2021  Gameplay - Combat
 NPC Quest Giver   -- to do  Start  April 2021  Gameplay - Content
 NPC Helpers   -- to do  OA  April 2021  Gameplay - Content
 Narrators  90%  OA   March 2021  Gameplay - Content