Ongoing Progress...

 Project: Lefevre Forest Minor Quest

 Name: The Elven Obelisk

 Progression - Prize


   The Lefevre Forest Quest in the region is an intro quest geared toward learning the basics of the questing feature of the Roleplay HUD.

 The Quest Giver for this Dungeon is Commander Adventure and is located near the landing point for the region. If recipient does not have a Myriad HUD, one will be provided by the Quest Giver or in the box directly located behind them.

 Progress on this build is as follows:

 Progression Landmarks  100%  OA  March 2021  Structure
 Decorations  100%  OA  March 2021  Ambiance
NPC Quest Giver  100%  Start  March 2021  Mechanics
Narrators  100%  OA  March 2021  Gameplay - Content
Prize  100%  Progress  March 2021  Gameplay - Content
 NPC Quest Giver  100%  End  March 2021  Mechanics
 Expand Quest Line   -- to do  OA  August 2021  Gameplay - Content


Video Intro - Watch Here!